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South Asian Walking Study (SWAS)

This s a research study undertaken by the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh and funded by the Medical Research Council (MR/N008413/1). 
The purpose of this study is to better understand how illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes are more common in people of South Asian descent.  South Asians are also known to have lower levels of physical activity than their White UK counterparts which may be a reason for the higher rates of illness.  This study hopes to understand the issues and aims to improve the understanding of the experiences and issues South Asians face when walking in their community.   It will allow the development of better walking programmes for South Asian groups.   The findings will be presented to the Medical Research Council and in medical journals.  The finding will be discussed at national and international conferences and with South Asian voluntary groups.  They will be used in planning future work to encourage walking in South Asians in Scotland.

South Asian Walking Study (SWAS)