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Ethnic Minority Dementia Project

Ethnic Minority Dementia Project (EM DP)

Funded by Life Changes Trust


There is a lack of research evidence around issues & challenging in delivering dementia services to the EM community in Scotland, understanding and knowledge of manging dementia among EM’s, including among those with dementia and their carers’. Furthermore, there is very little or no Dementia services in Scotland that are specific to, and or with reasonable provisions for EMs. 

In view of the above, the Life Changes Trust has developed a “Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities & Dementia Funding Awards” & REACH, under this funding category successfully secured a grant to deliver this important project, which we believe is a first of its kind in Scotland.

Ethnic Minority Dementia Project (EM DP) is a developmental project with an interventional approach. Overall, the project aims to help:

  • create awareness to the BME communities and to increase their knowledge of dementia. 
  • individuals understand early symptoms of dementia and thereby help in early diagnosis.
  • to manage their conditions.
  • to get the right support & services.

The project will help empower EM individuals with dementia, their families and EM communities in general. The project will help increase the knowledge and confidence among these to go out to claim their rights from service providers, while understanding their responsibilities. Furthermore, it will help towards reducing stigma about the condition among EM communities, help them understand how to care and live with those with dementia by providing dignity and respect to those with dementia.

Concurrently, the project will help understand the needs of those with dementia, their unpaid carers and their families about

  • current opportunities in terms of dementia service and care
  • their needs and challenges around dementia &
  • what works best for them

 Beneficiaries of the project & Timescale: May 2018 – October 2019

Primary beneficiaries will be South Asian (SA) communities residing in the Glasgow area. The project will work intensively with 8 EM families who live with someone who has dementia, their unpaid carers & families.  The project will also benefit other EM individuals; including those outside the targeted 8 families via multiple services (see below).

Project Activities & who are involved

The project will work in partnership with mainstream statutory and voluntary sector providers to build their knowledge and capacity to work more effectively with the target communities.

A Dementia Link Worker (DLW) will provide dedicated support to a small group of 8 EM families within Glasgow. The families will benefit from an average 2 hours a week of dedicated support from the DLW for at least 12 months carrying out questionnaires and a comprehensive needs assessment to help prepare a  best fit support package which would suit each family.

The DLW will also support and keep up to date community connections and make new ones and record details onto Dementia Service Database. 

A Needs Assessment will be carried out with the targeted 8 families, to have a comprehensive understanding of their needs around dementia, which will also help develop tailored package to support the families.

An Ethnic Minority Dementia Friendly Group (EM DFG) will be set up for those with Dementia & to allow them to meet with others with similar conditions, including carers and family members. This group will meet once a fortnight & they will benefit from a wide range of activities and information relevant to their needs.

Dementia Information & Participative Workshops (DIPWs) stemming from information collated, will be carried out through a series of appropriate sessions to EM communities in general. These sessions will help raise awareness about dementia and help reduce stigma about dementia among EM communities. 

Carer Information Courses (CIC) will consist of 4 week course for 2 hours each week delivered to carers, including to those from the 8 families. Approximately 7- 10 actual carers will attend with scope for potential carers to attend – benefiting the carers and making them more aware of service provision.  



Towards the end of the 18 months project a comprehensive report will be produced. The report will reflect a detailed analysis of the needs assessments, an analysis of the project activities/interventions & their impact, both positive and negative and a summary of learnings from the delivery of the project with recommendations.

We envisage the report to reflect on

  • The understanding of dementia among EM communities particularly from SA communities perspective
  •  Issues and challenges about dementia among this population in relation to: service availability, knowledge and usage of information.
  • What works best i.e. effectiveness of interventions/activities applied in the project to overcome challenges and the needs identified during the project.
  • effective approaches to engage with EM communities
  • Suggestions and recommendation from those living with dementia, their carers’ and their family members &
  • Suggestions & recommendations from other service providers, including possible good practise going forward.