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Positive Minds Event

20 Feb 2017


This event presented and discussed Me, Myself and I: Towards Self-Management.  This was a 3 year project funded by the Scottish Government’s Self-Management Impact Fund and managed by REACH Community Health Project in Glasgow.  It was aimed at helping individuals from Ethnic Minority communities with mental health issues, to proactively and confidently self-manage their mental health and work towards recovery.  Trained bilingual counsellors worked with individuals with South Asian backgrounds to address their mental health issues.  The value of counsellors who could communicate with clients in their first language and who understood the cultural and social context was repeatedly underlined, contrasting with the lack of such a capability in mainstream services.  The meeting highlighted the project’s successes and the good practice and lessons learned over the previous two years.  With a variety of stakeholders and service providers present, the event helped promote a model of partnership between public and third sector agencies, policy makers and the EM community.  It provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the future of mental health amongst EM communities.  A strong recommendation from the meeting was to establish a Scottish EM Mental Health Strategic / Advocacy Group.

A report will be available soon.