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Meeting list: South Asian Task Force – Diabetes and Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is currently the leading cause of death worldwide and together with diabetes, poses a serious health threat, particularly in the Indian Asian population.  Risk factor management has evolved considerably with the continued emergence of new and thought-provoking evidence.  The stream of laboratory- and population-based research findings as well as unresolved controversies may pose dilemmas and conflicting impulses in most clinicians and even in our more well-informed patients.  As results of the most recent clinical trials on glycaemic control for macrovascular risk reduction are woven into concrete clinical practice guidelines, this paper seeks to sort through unwieldy evidence, keeping these findings in perspective, to deliver a clearer message for the context of South Asia and cardio-metabolic risk management.

Meeting Date Meeting Subject Meeting Place Meeting Time
2016-06-22 South Asians and Cardiovascular Risk Lothian Edinburgh 9.00 AM Read more
2016-06-21 Members Testimonials Inverness Scotland 8.00 AM Read more
2016-06-21 Employability Development Day Dundee 8.00 AM Read more