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REACH Consultancy Services

For the last 15 years REACH Community Health Project has been working with Ethnic Minority (EM) Communities in Scotland addressing health and wellbeing needs, providing multiple clinical and social services, running preventative public health campaigns, carrying out research on numerous health and wellbeing topics and providing training to other health and social care providers.

Considering our vast expertise in ethnicity and health we are now willing to share our expertise and knowledge with other health and social care providers and researchers.  The following consultancy services are available:-

1. Ethnicity & Health research.

a) We can help carry out research both accumulative and quantative, including action research.

  We are equally equipped with other methodologies.

b) Advice on Research, Design & Methodology.

If you are an academic researcher or agency we can help advise on design and methods best suited for your research.

2. Recruitment & Engagement

If you already have a research design and are looking for engagement and recruitment of research participants.

If you have any other needs regarding Ethnicity & Health research please contact us.

3) Service Planning, Design & Delivery

If you are thinking of initiating a Health & Wellbeing service targeted at Ethnic Minority (EM) Communities, we are able to support you in the design and delivery of your services including who to target, the geographical area you can focus on and in developing your engagement and promotional strategy.