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This feature of our websites allows service users to access some of services online via your computer, tablet or smartphone.  The new on-line facility also enables our partners, such as, General Practitioners and other health & wellbeing professionals to co-ordinate services for greater benefits to the community.  Here is a quick guide to help you get the best out of the REACH eHealth service.


Any individual or agency can book/refer for an appointment by simply completing an online form which is on the right hand side of the home page. Our website is 100% secure and the information you provide will be strictly confidential.

Referring/Partner Agency

All formal partner agencies of REACH will have access to the information about the referred clients and their progress online via a secured user name and a password.

Individual Clients/Service users

Once you are registered for one of our services, i.e. Mental Health Counselling, you will have the option to access your appointments online and manage them with your relevant counsellor.

Other Features

My NHS Experience

Here we have provided a platform to share your experience of using any of the NHS services, including GP services in Scotland.

This is your opportunity to voice your experience of using the NHS services in Scotland. We strongly believe that by sharing your experiences here on our website and making it available to the general public will help raise awareness about challenges and best practices within NHS services and it will help provide feedbacks to the health & wellbeing service planner and providers in Scotland.

We expect you to be honest while writing/sharing your experiences here. Your feedback will not go live automatically. If we find that your feedback has foul languages and or, what you have written, is personally hurtful towards an individual, community or a group we will not publish your feedback.