Reach Community Health Project
reach Community Health Project
Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre

6 - 8 Daisy Street

Glasgow G42 8JL

Tel: 0141 423 7095

Staff Contact Information
Dr Shehla Ihsan
Chair Person
T: 0141 423 7095
Shabir Banday
T: 0141 423 7095
Padam Singh

Padam Singh
Training & Development Officer
T: 0141 423 3866

Asia Ali
Project Officer:Substance
Misuse & Mental Health
T: 0141 423 2894
Karen Stokes Karen Stokes
Central Administration Officer
T: 0141 423 7095
Zenib Ali
Mental Health Project Officer
T: 0141 423 2289
Nargis Afzal
Community Health
Development Worker
T: 0141 423 2894
Culturally Sensitive Services
In response to the major health inequalities faced by BME communities living in Glasgow, REACH provides a broad based, integrated health service programme. In partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Primary Care Division, we have developed a Community Health Clinic that offers preventative health promotion information and comprehensive clinical advice to individuals from the BME community. Moreover, REACH’s service delivery is sensitive to issues of ethnicity, race, and religion/faith.
Policy and Research Unit
REACH believes that health planning and legislation should be based on the best available research and evidence. To this end, REACH engages in its own research and policy work in order to influence change with regards to BME Health. In addition to producing community led studies into BME health needs and barriers, REACH
Training and Development Unit
As a central part of our social entrepreneurial strategy, REACH's Training and Development Unit attempts to bridge the gap between BME communities and health service providers. REACH is committed to developing and delivering training solutions to improve health and social care service provision for BME communities in Scotland. Training is available to organisations working for and with BME communities in Scotland within the mainstream, voluntary and private sectors.